International Work

We work internationally to support continuing development in Thinking Skills, Assessment for Learning, The Storytelling Curriculum and Action Research.

Our Work in India

I worked with teachers in India for over three years, spending six weeks in schools in cities all over the country including Gwarti, Nagpur, Kochin, Dehli, Agra, Bangalore, Hydrabad, Chandigarh, Surat, Varanassi, Vadodara, Gwalia and Gurgeon.

Our Work in China

In 2013, I worked with Chinese kindergarten teachers when they visited the University of Warwick and carried out CPD in Hunan Province at Changsha University. Our focus was The Story-telling Curriculum and Talk for Thinking for 3-7.

Dr Sue Lyle and her counter-part from Changsha University China presented our work at a Bilateral Conference between China and UK held at Edge Hill University in 2014.

Our Work in South Africa

I have presented my research all over the world including Cape Town in South Africa at the ICPIC conference where I also carried out CPD for teachers in Philosophy for Children and supported the volunteers at the Nali’bali Reading Project in township schools.

Other International Work

I have presented on Philosophy for Children at the World Council for Comparative Education in Buenos Aires in Argentina and presented at the University of Montevideo in Uruguay. I worked worked with BA teacher education students in New York State University in Fredonia and with MA students at the University of Woolongong in Australia.

In October 2014, I presented a key-note lecture in Astana the capital of Kazakhstan on Philosophy for Children and ran a seminar on The Storytelling Curriculum.