Dr Sue Lyle

Sue has been a class teacher, teaching advisor and educator for over 40 years.

Dr Sue Lyle
Dr Sue Lyle

Sue retired as Head of Continuing Professional Development at Swansea Metropolitan University, but continues to work part-time with PhD students.

Her research interests have focused on how children make meaning through talk in collaborative settings and literacy across the curriculum. She currently runs the Philosophy for Children (P4C) in Schools Research Programme and is a senior trainer for SAPERE , the organisation that leads Philosophy for Children in the UK.

Sue has trained over 2000 teachers in P4C and conducted 68 whole school trainings throughout South Wales and England.

Sue has a commitment to Action Research and ran Action Research training for teachers through the MA programme that she led at the university, and as teacher professional development for the City and Council of Swansea and Cardiff Local Education Authority over 10 years.

Sue has presented her work in a number of national and international conferences and publishes in academic journals and teacher journals. Sue spends time in classrooms working with children and teachers and produces classroom materials for teachers across the primary age group which are available from Imaginative Minds .

As an international provider of training for teachers she has worked in India, China, South Africa, Gambia, Kenya and Uruguay.Her main focus as been thinking skills across the curriculum P4C and Action Research.

More recently she has developed and introduced The Storytelling Curriculum approach to developing literacy in the Foundation Phase in Wales (age 3-7 years). Research with Glyncollen Primary school has shown that this approach to literacy is motivating for children and fosters a love of reading and writing.