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Promoting Philosophy for Children (P4C) and The Storytelling Curriculum in UK and internationally.

My name is Sue Lyle and I have been an educator for over 40 years as a teacher, advisory teacher, curriculum developer, teacher educator, CPD leader and now consultant.

My life in education and my research tells me that the key to happy, successful schools is good relationships. Good relationships are built on dialogue, talking and listening, sharing thinking and telling stories.

School ethos is key. I prioritise care and collaboration between everyone in the school to create the necessary foundation for critical and creative thinking – the foundations of good learning. Caring and collaborative relationships to harness children’s critical and creative thinking comes from Philosophy for Children (P4C) training. High quality literacy for all in the primary school comes from The Storytelling Curriculum which I have developed with schools.

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Philosophy for Children (P4C)

Philosophy for Children is one of the most successful and well-researched thinking skills approaches to classroom practice.

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The Storytelling Curriculum

We have developed The Storytelling Curriculum as an innovative approach to the development of children’s literacy in the Foundation Phase (age 4-7 years).

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Training Opportunities

Find out more about the different types of structured educational training courses we can deliver at Dialogue Exchange.

We Support Teachers by Providing Written Resources for the Classroom

We also blog about children and childhood, learning and teaching. Our research is published in academic and teacher journals.

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We Work in the UK and Internationally Including India, China and AfricaDr Sue Lyle Presents at Conferences All Over the World.

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